Hamilton’s racist slurs caused anger in the F1 community

Hamilton's racist slurs caused anger in the F1 community

Racism within sports competitions has not yet been defeated, because cases of such manifestations are still occurring. In his interview in 2021, Nelson Piquet insulted Lewis Hamilton on racial grounds, which caused outrage among colleagues.

Piquet criticized Hamilton for car driving and in some places called him derogatoryly with the letter “N”, as African Americans are called to insult them. The 70-year-old athlete said this in Portuguese, but the audience understood his speech. And the way that the 37-year-old Hamilton made in an attempt to overtake Verstappen was criticized.

This event caused outrage among Formula 1 drivers and several pilots came out in defense of Hamilton, the only black pilot of the project, who actively fights against manifestations of racism.

Esteban Ocon, Formula 1 driver, spoke on his social media pages about the incident: “Racism and chauvinism are a plague from the past. And all this must become obsolete both in society and in sports. We’ve put up with this for too long, enough is enough!”.

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