Deon Fourier announces contract extension with the Stormers

Deon Fourier announces contract extension with the Stormers

Deon Fourier, as a winger, has shown impressive success this season and has received a two-year contract extension as a reward.

Fourier proved to be a standout player in the Stormers campaign having winned streak at the United Rugby Championship and having earned the Man of the Match award given at the end of the tournament. This marked the 100th anniversary appearance for the Cape Town team.

The 35-year-old striker, having retired from the pitch, was selected by Springbok to play a three-match test series against Wales, that is an especially remarkable achievement for a hard-working and successful athlete.

The Stormers head coach John Dobson acknowledged Deon’s performance as phenomenal, and explained that he was especially pleased with the contract extension, as Fourier inspired the team and took part in the development of young talents. The coach also hoped that both the striker and the team would be able to achieve significant development and potential.

Fourier sincerely thanked his teammates, fans, and all those who helped to him achieve brilliant results. He is pleased with his second contract with the Stormers. This was preceded by seven years of performances in France as part of the Lyon and Grenoble teams. The extension of the contract is considered an opportunity for development and the prospect of achieving new success thanks to the support. Being in Cape Town, both Fourier and his family are extremely excited about the opportunity to play on the field.

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